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5/5. If there was more, I'd watch it.
Voice acting and music where pretty spot on, animation was pretty good too.

Can't say I agree with the similarities issue people are having. Especially when you combine more then two other concepts for the purpose of 'well it was too much like these'. As you could do that with literally any idea near endlessly, and the more things you add into the mix, the less like those things the idea becomes.
Anyway, keep up the good work!

Very crisp, great polish for something so simple. 5/5.

Had this very happen to me. Both my gf and I flipped the guy off so he promptly proceeded to follow us to our parking spot and block us in. I don't think the guy expected a big and tall dude to practically jump out of the car with a 'You got a fucking problem'?.
He tried to claim he just wanted an explanation. To which I said you honked at us, he replied she wasn't going. I said "It had JUST turned green!"

He rolled up his window and drove off without another word.

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Been sitting here for a decent amount of time, the game wont load past 86%. Over ten minutes. Ive tried reloading a few times but the game always stops loading at 86% IF it even gets that far. I have a great computer, fast internet, and this is a flash game. Fix it.

Fun little game. 12 days.

What fucking fever dream was this?
Best game.

jimberly-chaotic responds:

Dude! I love your stuff! I'll never get over the classic 2009 flash movie, "Stick Fight of Some Doom!"

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This is the song Courage and Pride from Chrono Trigger with slightly more of an instrumental feel. I don't believe there is enough change in the way it sounds to warrant any kind of credit. It sounds like you messed with the actual track slightly and added cymbals.

Realmguys responds:

Perhaps you didn't read the description? This was entirely step recorded and is quite different from the original. Compare the grace of my horns and drums and the difference should be quite clear. Check yourself before you make such a bold statement.

This is really nice! Sounds like the opening melody to a horror movie.

Things like this is the reason why I keep coming back to the Audio Portal!

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Blaine is a pain

I see what you did there. With that Metal Gear tombstone.

This is amazing in all the right ways, I love Links expression. 10/10.

G3no responds:

what's funny is that, since link in the actual game does absolutely nothing after he hears the apology, that expression / reaction was mine as a player since i didn't see it coming

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